ScriptReader.Studio is still a Beta service. This means that we are still building and improving things and there will be some bugs.

What does Beta service mean?

A Beta service is the first step on releasing a service to the wider public. It restricts access to a limited amount of users so that they can be used to help improve the service and make it ready to be widely released.

What is a script reader?

Production companies, competition organisers and others looking to use a script to make a film have a wealth of screenplays to get through in order to find the one that’s right for them. As there can be hundreds of potential screenplays they use script readers to review them, give notes and filter out the most suitable so that decision makers can read the right scripts for them.

Why is ScriptReader.Studio different to downloading a PDF of a script?

We optimise screenplays to make it easier to read on mobile phones and tablets. You can also easily pause and get a link emailed to you so that you can save on one device and resume on another.

Our research shows that this makes it quicker and easier to read screenplays than as a traditional PDF.

We also gather all your feedback to make it easy for others to see ratings (feature coming soon).

Why should I become a script reader?


  1. You already enjoy reading scripts and want to read more in a format that is easily accessible on a range of devices.
  2. You want to become a script writer, or to improve your writing, and the first advice is to read more scripts. We make it easy to do this and are also working on in future to help improve your writing and make it easy for production companies to contact writers through our sister site.
  3. It will help with diversity in the media.
  4. In the future we plan to use this and related services to help production companies identify writers and scripts.

How much experience do I need?

We believe that anyone can become a script reader. We think that by having it in an easier to use format that is mobile friendly that more people can become script readers.

How much does it cost?

ScriptReader.Studio is a free-to-use service at present.

How is this different to services like CoverflyX?

CoverflyX is a great service if you want peer-to-peer feedback on your overall script. However it can hard to identify where in the script readers felt work needed to be done.

We also carry out machine analysis on screenplays to help build a bigger picture and allow machine learning to identify similarities with other screenplays.

Finally we are UK focused and while we welcome readers from anywhere in the world, our focus on Britain will allow readers and writers from there to have an edge.

Why do I have to sign up to gain access?

As ScriptReader.Studio is still a Beta service we want to ensure that we can focus on identifying problems and fixing them. This means that we want to engage with our users and know who they are so that we can make fixes.

Why do you ask me about my background?

To help put your responses in context we want to ask about your background and demographics so that we can put your responses in terms of your social context.

There is also a diversity problem in the industry. By asking about your background we can see how well we are doing at enabling those from non-traditional backgrounds become script readers.

Can I submit my own script and have it rated?

This feature will come soon but is not available at present.

I’m signed up but am having technical problems

Please see our members only technical support page.

How do I contact you?

Book a call with Jonathan or complete this form.